Our Vision of Spirit-Based Integral Education

Graphical Depiction of the SHEN Vision

The diagram above is an accurate graphical rendering of the SHEN educational vision.

The big circle in the diagram represents the infinite sun like effulgence of the light of the ONE spirit. This spirit is all-inclusive. The whole universe with all its diverse beings and all its diverse knowledge disciplines is merely a partial manifestation of its grandeur. The spirit is one and so is its manifestation. This universe is an integrated whole and so is its knowledge. All individual beings in the universe therefore are like the multitude of cells in human body existing purposefully and harmoniously for the sustenance of the person. Similarly all knowledge in the universe is harmonious as it describes one manifestation of the ONE underlying reality. The purpose of the SHEN spiritual education is to show as best as possible the underlying oneness of the seemingly diverse universe and the underlying oneness of all knowledge disciplines.

Our reality is one, its appearances many. Historically, we have been focusing on the appearances. As a result, we are fragmented. Spiritual Heritage Education Network is organized to strive to shift the focus to the oneness of our reality in the hope that our integral understanding begins to integrate humanity. Appearances divide, the reality unites. Appearances are obvious, the reality needs to be shown.

The triangle circumscribing the globe is a representation of the vision of our organization, one side of which is the spiritual heritage of humanity. the other represents the educational approach and the third side represents the enormity of the task requiring a harmonious network of human resources as its base cooperating to achieve the gaol using the world wide web of the Internet, while the globe itself represents the scope of the SHEN educational initiative.