The Startegy of Getting There

Development of spiritual education curricula for all educational levels is a huge task. Therefore, Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. proposes to take up the task in stages. The first stage addresses the curriculum needs for the post secondary level. The purpose is to create a pool of teachers for the grade school system.

Where do we offer the curriculum? It will take time for the universities and colleges to incorporate the teaching of core human spirituality in their curricula. Until then, the Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. proposes to offer such curricula in a distance education mode on the internet after due testing by teaching it live in the classroom. It is hoped that the success of the curriculum in the distance education mode will convince the established educational systems to follow suit.

It is therefore essential for us to adopt high academic standards and follow strictly an inclusive code of ethics in developing our curriculum and the associated course material. In addition, we must readily share our developments with individual universities, colleges, and professors who are willing to take a leadership role.