The SHEN Solution

Our prophets, sages and seers spent their lifetimes researching the universe and the relationships between all that exists. Their unrelenting search led them to a conclusion of one spiritual reality underlying all that exists.They, therefore, saw the universe as an indivisible unity of one underlying reality. They saw themselves as mere expressions of the one underlying reality and they saw all that exists as expressions of that reality. They felt unbounded love towards all that exists because they saw it all as their own extension. For them, nothing exists except that one reality; all they saw was one integral reality.

Our sages, seers and prophets felt the meaningfulness of their discovery for all humanity and they started to share their discovery with everyone around them. Imagine Einstein having discovered the general theory of relativity wanted to share his joy with the humanking on the street who are unwilling to travel his road to discovery and who do not have the aptitude, interest or the ability to understand the nuances and abstractions of which Einsteing was naturally capable. These two problems of communication are not dissimilar.

In the case of Einstein's discovery of reletivity, societies take a systematic approach of public education with the help of highly educated and accomplished physicists. In the case of the spiritual discovery by our seers, sages and prophets of one integral reality, isn't it strange that we choose to fool ourselves into believing that it will somehow spread through faith in diverse forms of culturally rooted divinity meant as metaphores to indicate the underlying integral reality? The people take the metaphores as the reality itself resulting in fragmentation of the integral; fragmentation is the the perceived loss of unity and perception of one as isolated and often conflicting many.

The solution to the problem of fragmentation of the universe, not only of human fragmentation, lies in systematic education. The perception of the integral whole as isolated parts is a matter of ignorance, and education is the antidote to ignorance.

Spiritual Heritage Eductaion Network inc. (SHEN) is dedicated to the promotion, development and delivery of systematic education in the spiritual heritage of humanity comprised of the discoveries of our prophets, sages and seers.