The Shen Story

The story of the founding of Spiritual Heritage Education Inc. (SHEN) is intimately related with the grave human and environmental problems humanity is facing today. Modern science and technology has reduced the world to a global village where people travel far and wide to live in pluralistic communities and communicate across the globe with the speed of light, but the human mind is still a prisoner of the past when we lived in isolated and often conflicting communities. The human mind is way out of synch with the reality on the ground.

Living together may be necessary to broaden the horizon, but it is not enough for the meeting of the hearts and minds necessary to relate as equal human beings with each other. There are strong feelings of "us" and "them" not only preventing us from confronting our common problems of global scale, but also preventing us from relating with each other as members of the human race. Humanity is fragmented into conflicting interest groups based upon identities limited by religion, culture, language, nationality, region, race, gender, gender orientation, color of the skin, and so on. The strong are hogging most of the resources and the weak are starving because of our lack of the capacity to share. There are feelings of injustice and inhumanity all around us. There are problems galore because of this fragmentation.

SHEN is founded to take up the cause of helping humanity through insightful education to rise above our limited identities in favor of a global human identity. It is hoped that it will better prepare humanity to face the grave human and environmental crises that it currently faces.