The Role of Pluralistic Societies

In time, communities started interacting with each other. Early interactions were perhaps as aliens created by different geographies, languages, culture, prophets and divine beings. Recently science and technological advances made transportation and communication a lot easier than in early human history. Communities have now started to interact much more but the mindset still remains unchanged. The spiritual insights of the prophets, sages and seers of all that exists in the universe of sense perception being an integrated expression of one imperceptible spiritual reality is lost. It has been veiled by the externalities of human religion and religious emphasis on faith discouraging reason to access the spiritual truth.

The recent and enhanced level of interaction between different communities has contributed in an enhanced awareness of the incompatibility of the historical mindset with the emerging reality on the ground. The solution seems to lie in our journey back to the insights of our prophets, sages and seers of an integrated universe rather than the fragmented understandings of common religion.

Unfortunate instances in recent human history show that living together in pluralistic societies may be needed to create awareness about the problem of human fragmentation, but it is not not sufficient for its resolution.