The Purpose of the Proposed Education

The goal of the envisaged spiritual education is a clear communication of the core spiritual principle that the universe is an indivisible whole thoroughly pervaded and intimately connected by its ground of being.

On the part of the student, learning of this core principle becomes a paramount learning objective adopting it as a life long goal. When internalized, it becomes the purpose of human life. It becomes our responsibility then to fully absorb this principle, taking it deep into our consciousness, so that we live our lives according to it. This principle is totally unifying and inclusive of all beings without exception.

The darkness of fragmentation and divisiveness disappears in the light of the unifying core spirituality. It is the purpose of SHEN to dull the edge of doctrinal divisiveness in the light of the unifying core spirituality of the world. We hope to facilitate spiritual insights for humankind to lead loving and constructive lives in unity and cohesion.