Research and Development Assistant

We research, develop, and deliver courses in unifying spiritual education for the purpose of integrating diversity. We see religion as both unitive and divisive at the same time. We refer to the unitive insights as the core spirituality of humanity. We find this core spirituality as equally meaningful and applicable to people of faith and of no faith. In addition, it is didactic in nature and its validation lies well within the jurisdiction of today's social sciences, natural sciences, life sciences and humanities.

We are developing integrative multi-disciplinary educational curricula focusing only on the unitive core spirituality. The core spirituality is the most suitable vehicle to transform deep human consciousness to address the human and environmental crises we face today. The student's job consists of the research and development activities required to assist the faculty in the implementation of our curricula.

To get you started, our faculty will familiarize the volunteer with the vision, goals and objectives of our organization and the curricula we propose. The volunteer will also learn about the description, outline, goals and objectives of the particular course module currently under development.

The volunteer will develop and execute an agreed schedule of library research and developmental activities such as assessment and evaluation of the course materials, development of bibliographies, writing course objectives, etc. He/she will help with the drafting of course modules deliverable on the internet in a distance education mode. The volunteer will meet with the supervising faculty on a regular basis and report on activities carried out.

It is in the combined interest of the faculty and the volunteer to educate and guide the her/him in his/her work. Every effort will be made to keep the challenge and motivation level high. Detailed instruction and guidance will be offered as necessary. We will ensure that the volunteer experience promotes the intellectual and spiritual growth of the volunteer as it promotes the goals and objectives of SHEN.

Since our work is multi-disciplined, we can hire volunteers with different backgrounds such as Religion, Culture, Global Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication Arts, Sciences, etc.


I am a spiritual aspirant, looking out for ways to work and develop my own soul. I am a CFA by qualification, however my keen interest in spirituality has led me to some knowledge in theosophy, gnosism and pranic healing. I have given up my regular job in the pursuit of finding something more soulful. So, I would love to contribute as a research assistant. I find your mission very inspiring and would like to be a part of the education revolution myself.

Please let me know if I could help in any way.


ShivTalwar's picture

Greetings Ananya,
It was great talking to you on Skype this morning. I sincerely appreciate and greatly value your spiritual aspirations. With your enthusiasm and vigor, I am sure we can do some great work together. Please keep in touch and let us continue our work work together as discussed this morning (it was your yesterday evening in India).
Warm regards.