Event Organizing Assistant

Our work involves unifying spiritual education in order to integrate diverse humanity. We envision our inclusive and universal curricula in spiritual education to be adopted in the world’s educational systems.

As part of our on-going work towards developing our curricula, we organize yearly conferences in the Kitchener/Waterloo area on the theme of Education to Globalize the Human Mind. We also organize periodic public seminars on topics of integrative spirituality.

Our past events have very successful. The idea of our conferences is really catching on and they are increasing becoming international. They are being addressed by eminent educators and spiritual teachers from North America and other countries.

Our past conferences were primarily attended by local participants from various community groups. In keeping with the international nature of the presenters, we would like to extend the range of our audience to include neighbouring communities such as Toronto, Hamilton, London and other parts of Ontario, other parts of Canada as well as neighbouring states in the USA. In addition, we would also like to extend the audience range to include more diversity and in larger numbers.

The selected student will develop and implement an organization and marketing plan to increase the number, diversity and geographical range of the audience for our events.

We will familiarize the volunteer with the vision, goals and objectives of our organization and the our events. The volunteer will also learn about the marketing plans, successes and failures, and proceedings of the previous events. The volunteer will develop and execute an agreed organization and marketing plan for the events being planned. He/she will also develop strategies and logistics of implementation of the plans.

The volunteer will meet with the supervising faculty on a regular basis and report on the activities. It is in our collective interest that the volunteer is adequately educated and guided in his/her work. Every effort will be made to keep the challenge and motivation level high.

Since our work is multi-disciplined, we can hire volunteers from different backgrounds such as Religion, Culture, Global Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Marketing, Peace and Conflict Studies, Communication Arts, Sciences, etc.