Our Course Offerings

So Ocean is Ocean
As it was in Eternity,
Contingent beings
But its waves and currents.
Do not let the ripples
And mists of the worlds
Veil you from Him
Who takes form within these veils.


We are an organization dedicated to education in core human spirituality with the purpose of integration of diversity both at the local and the global scales. Core human spirituality is related with the underlying oneness of the universe. It is inclusive of all animate and inanimate beings in nature. It underlies human values. It is meaningful to all irrespective of faith or the lack of it. It celebrates diversity in the light of our underlying oneness. It connects us with our environment in the whole wide world.

The seen universe, including all its animate and inanimate beings, exists because of an unseen cause. The universe is material and the underlying cause spiritual. The word spirit is used for the unseen cause while the word matter is used for whatever is sense perceptible. Our educational products are all related with the relationship of the seen and the unseen and the intra-relationships in the seen world.

Our educational products fall into two broad categories:

  1. Train Your Brain
  2. Educate Your Brain

The former category is related with our capacity for insight about the unseen, while the latter is related with the related concepts and ideas. The learning effort in the former is primarily physiological in nature while it is primarily psychological in the latter.