Feb 26, 2014 7pm

Kitchener, ON - Today at the start of their first class of their TRAIN YOUR BRAIN courses at 14B Charles Street West location, Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. (SHEN) launched its program called STRESS FREE COMMUNITY. The goal of this program is to make our golden triangle community of Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph free of stress with the offerings of community health related workshops of entitled TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to Breathe Deep. The workshops will be a gift; donations are welcome.

SHEN’s Centre for Meditative Sciences plans to achieve this objective through active participation of the community in the instruction of the physical process of deep breathing. The process is effective if a learner regularly practices deep abdominal breathing for a few minutes in addition to creating a habit of being breath-aware taking a few deep breaths many times during the day when the mind is not completely involved in something else. With only a few weeks of training, a person is able to instruct stress busting deep breathing practice to other learners.

Stress kills! Unmanaged stress kills fast by robbing us of physical health, mental health, learning ability and social behavior. Stress results from the response of our body-mind to a perceived gap between our wants and attainments. No one is stress free and no one can stay stress free. Stress can only be managed and we must attend to it on a regular basis because it exists as long as we do.

A 2011 report of the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that toxic stress can play a disturbing role in brain development negatively influencing social, educational, economic, cultural, behavioral, and developmental outcomes.

SHEN plans to fast-track the achievement of STRESS FREE COMMUNITY offering its courses at a cost we can all afford; a learner makes a free will donation to SHEN after taking the training. SHEN is a charitable non-profit community agency. Everyone is welcome and there is no prerequisite.

In addition, SHEN plans to offer its stress related academic courses. The participants in the academic courses are taught related physiological and psychological concepts in addition to the practice of the process. There are some academic prerequisites and fees payable for these courses.

It is regular practice of the process that helps in managing stress, although knowledge and experience bring us closer to the conviction needed to learn a new habit
According to SHEN, stress may be unavoidable but suffering its ravages certainly is an avoidable option.

Sources of inspiration:
Research Report:

This Technical Report of the American Academy of Pediatrics entitled The Lifelong Effects of Early Childhood Adversity and Toxic Stress provides the research inspiration for SHEN's STRESS FREE COMMUNITY program.

Financial Sustainability:
The following presentation by Pavi Mehta, Author, Infinite Vision, at Wisdom 2.0 Business 2013 ( is our inspiration for choosing the financial sustainability model that we chose for the STRESS FREE COMMUNITY program:

And the following presentation also by Pavi Mehta is another inspiration for choosing the the financial sustainability model that we chose for this STRESS FREE COMMUNITY program: