Towards Oneness - An Academic Approach

Dr. Shiv Talwar
Mar. 27, 2003
held at: 
University of Waterloo

Dr. Shiv Talwar offered this seminar at the University of Waterloo with an audience of approximately 10 persons. Shiv presented a curriculum concept for education in the spiritual heritage of humanity – defined as that body of human understanding which is related with human essence, essence of the universe and its relationship with the former, search and fulfilment of the purpose of human life. The curriculum is based on the Oneness of the ultimate cause irrespective of how we perceive it. It is inclusive of the whole humanity, and affirming, diminishing or denying of none. It is also based on the totality of human experience, multi-disciplined and complimentary to the traditional education.

Realizing the value of education in orienting human lives, it is hoped that an implementation of this curriculum will contribute in enhancing human condition through understanding of differences in the light of the underlying spiritual oneness through the cosmic reality.