Universal Spirituality: Meister Eckhart

Jason Manseau
Aug 19, 2009
held at: 
University of Waterloo

Often people have a hard time understanding ‘what their religion really teaches’ - its core spirituality. Meister Eckhart, a 14th Century master of spirituality still proves to be an important figure in the quest for people’s spirituality today in the 21st Century. Eckhart’s work is understudied and hard to find in today’s literature. If given a chance, Eckhart’s teachings are profoundly relevant in reconciling the divisions that people experience as a result of prevalent spiritual misunderstandings.

Because of his strong and devout Christian background, Eckhart’s work exhibits a deep and insightful understanding of Christian spirituality. His writings and sermons are totally unifying of all beings. His work illustrates that understanding core spirituality of religion is essential in creating one human family living in the wider world community. Clearly articulating concepts such as Godhead and its relationship with beings in the uncreated and the created worlds, Eckhart builds a convincing argument on how a human being can achieve salvation from creaturely living seeing “thy neighbour as thyself” in order to “love thy neighbour as thyself”.

This seminar attempts to illustrate Eckhart’s unifying spirituality.