World Peace – A Spiritual Issue

Paul Ellingham
Jul 25, 2002
held at: 
University of Waterloo

Paul Ellingham offered this seminar at the University of Waterloo with an audience of approximately 25 persons. Paul Ellingham has served as the chaplain for the United Church of Canada at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier for ten years, and as minister of the Bloomingdale United Church for seven years. Paul has been involved in a wide spectrum of interfaith events in Waterloo and Edmonton and has a special interest in the spiritual development of young people. Paul has also been actively involved with Habitat for Humanity for ten years and chairs an affordable housing corporation. In this seminar, Paul discussed spiritual dimension of world peace – how people’s spirituality and spiritual actions stemming from the underlying unity of the entire humanity as expressed through the principle of non-violence can contribute to peace.