The Life of the Soul

Tony T Ahdifard
Jan. 27, 2005
held at: 
University of Waterloo

Many Scientist believe that human emotions, consciousness, hope and will power are not located inside the brain. If they are in the mind, how are they related to the brain? What happens to the mind in the case of brain damage? How is soul connected to them? Is it the mind, soul or the brain, the seat of human personality? Does the mind or soul survive physical death? Are these ideas and beliefs scientific, religious or both? Why have people over thousands of years talked about soul and dream? Is there a benefit of dream? Tony will try to address all these questions in his presentation?

Tony T. Ahdifard is a professional counsellor for over 27 years. He has worked with Azaris, Persians, Chinese, Russians, Indians, South Americans and Canadians. He helps clients to connect to their own inner personal guide. He has a doctorate degree in counselling from Arizona, USA.

Tony presented this seminar at the University of Waterloo to an audience of 15.