Conference Evaluation

We collected three types of information to evaluate the effectiveness of the conference:

  1. Questionnaire Based Evaluation
  2. Feedback in Small Group Reflection and Mindful Sharing Sessions
  3. Concluding Plenary Session

We consider the conference a great success. Here are some of the comments of those who attended:

  • "It was an excellent event. I most appreciated the complimentarity of the lectures"
  • "I found the conference enjoyable in its affirmation of human connectedness and commonality. The knowledge shared at this conference taught me humility and respect for what I share with people everywhere."
  • "I gained particular knowledge from various spiritual traditions, and a variety of perspectives on cultures that are usually presented to us in a single-minded fashion. The networking opportunities were important too; they brought together a variety of avenues people in our community can follow up on in pursuit of unity"
  • "I gained insight and awareness"
  • "I would like to attend this type of conference 2 or 3 times a year"
  • "The youth were wonderful. How about a similar forum for them to interact with each other?"

We take pleasure in sharing with you a snapshot of what happened at the event in audio-video, digital image, and in written formats whatever we have available as of now.

Please enjoy! Remember to allow a minute or so for the initial retrieval of audio-video files.