Evaluative Plenary

Closing Plenary Session

Please note that we have a video recording of the evaluative plenary session. Are you interested in watching it? If so, then click here.

The participants were seated in a large circle. They were asked to respond to three questions. Everyone was given a chance to respond to each question by passing a stone in sequence. The questions and the typical answers are given below:

QUESTION 1: “What gave me energy?”

  1. Thoroughly impressed, meeting like-minded people under one roof. Very glad to be here.
  2. All presenters were excellent especially URI and Youth Panel.
  3. Agree 100%, Youth Panel was excellent; hope, energy.
  4. Comments Garina made at small groups – very powerful
  5. The first round input – sacrifice could make something sacred, i.e. not coming here on day 1 because I was dancing at Hare Rama .
  6. Spirituality isn’t cool. Good to be with people who have the same goal, though uncertain, but trust.
  7. Being with you gave me energy!
  8. Reminds me of a URI Cooperative Circle. Fabric symbols are made into a tapestry of hope; ideas, visions.
  9. I got energy from all of you. Near the elevator I turned around. We respect each other. I now have internalized “globalization.
  10. Moved and impressed by everyone’s humility, i.e. a common denominator of all world religions is humility.
  11. Different ways you all share your inner world – gives me energy.
  12. The ideas expressed.
  13. It wasn’t the speakers’ words, but something else.
  14. I don’t know where I got the energy in midst of all my house/cooking tasks.

Question # 2: “What drained my energy?”

  1. Leaving the group for any reason.
  2. Divisive arguing about views, but it didn’t happen! The process was good.

Question # 3: “What surprised me?”

  1. The question put to the youth panel about: “What can the older generation do to support you?” Answer: “Allow us to be heard by the elders.”
  2. Surprised by how comfortable I felt.
  3. Very impressed by Rory’s talk. It changed my view of Islam.
  4. I am speechless! At love, spirit, energy.
  5. Want to move beyond the barriers that divide us. SHEN has drawn in a wide range of friendships, ideas and energy.
  6. We are educated by age group but SHEN conference breaks down the cohort effect. This “space” is rare and enjoyable.