What is Cancer?

A video presentation by Shafin de Zane

What Is Cancer? Learn the truth that you probably never thought about. Cancer is natural. It is a natural response to an unnatural environment. So what is cancer? What the video and find out. And don't forget to share with your loved ones.

For those who are skeptic about the comments made about dairy products, read:

For those who want to know more about acidity and cancer, read:

0:05 here is something you probably never thought anyone would say
0:10 cancer
0:11 is natural
0:13 it's the natural evolution of the cells of for body
0:18 surprised
0:19 will allow me to explain
0:21 a few days ago while i was doing some research and evolution
0:25 i came across an interesting topic
0:29 adaptation
0:30 when the cells of for body mutate which changing environment so we can adapt to
0:36 that change
0:37 it's called adaptation
0:39 if we grow long hair in response to a very cold weather is
0:45 that's adaptation
0:47 if we stopped growing those hair cells
0:50 in response to hot weather that's also adaptation
0:55 as we end xt successfully in response to changing environments
1:01 evolution happens
1:02 make sense
1:04 and once again
1:06 sales
1:07 mutate
1:08 to adapt to changing environments
1:11 if the natural thing to do
1:15 cancer
1:16 is a bunch of sales
1:18 mutating in on natural environment
1:22 our blog
1:23 that has gone to toxic for normal cells to live
1:29 if they don't do you take
1:31 they get sick and die
1:34 is there a natural response communicate
1:38 sales are designed adapt to changing environments to mutation is just a
1:44 natural thing for them to do
1:48 unfortunately doctors around the world tell us that the solution to cancer
1:53 treatment is chemotherapy or
1:56 new kin the cancer cells with radiation
2:00 but what they don't tell us is why those cancer cells mutated in the first place
2:08 or that unless
2:10 the environment is changed
2:13 more cells will you take sooner or later
2:17 which is why we see so many cancer patients being treated with chemotherapy
2:22 and the whole thing relapses again
2:25 c from the sales perspective
2:28 thereby their mutate
2:30 or they died
2:32 mutation of sells is natural
2:36 cancer is really good evolution of the group of sales who tried to survive in a
2:42 very toxic environment of course the whole dingell's out of hand because
2:47 those sales india and end up doing better body itself but that's another
2:52 topic
2:54 cancer is really the evolution of the group of sales
2:59 who tried to survive in a very toxic environment i do understand that very
3:04 clearly
3:06 trying to kill bills sales
3:08 without changing the environment
3:10 is like trying to kill the flies without taking the garbage out
3:16 so
3:18 how can you email really take action to rapidly improves your environment
3:23 here are three simple solutions
3:27 member one
3:29 grieve
3:30 diya
3:32 greedy
3:33 the very first people like that cause cells to mutate and become cancerous
3:38 is lack of oxygen
3:41 cancer cells to mutate to adaptive no often level environment
3:46 less oxygen there is the better they tried
3:49 is the evolution of normal cells the surviving a toxic state
3:55 with low oxygen levels
3:57 the solution
3:59 breed deed
4:01 is a simple exercise you can do it every morning increase your level of oxygen in
4:06 your book
4:08 walked five minutes and greed in this way
4:12 four times in
4:14 hold for four counts
4:16 and breathe out slowly
4:18 on four counts
4:20 consider again four counts in
4:22 hold for four counts
4:24 and read slowly out on four counts like this
4:37 we'll do it again
4:44 and
4:46 untreated into my nose holding it for four counts and everything else my mouth
4:52 greed into your abdomen not your chest
4:55 that's the correct way to breed
4:58 don't have replaced walk
4:59 will walk in your bedroom that's enough space for most exercises
5:04 number two
5:06 stop beating acids
5:08 the second stimuli
5:10 that cause cells to mutate into cancer cells it's an acidic environment
5:16 if their response to survive in an acid world
5:21 mutated cells dodi in alkaline environment and tried an acidic
5:27 environment
5:28 you make your body more alkaline
5:31 begin to eat
5:32 more alkaline foods
5:35 created using and veggie smoothies
5:37 are also very effective
5:41 avoided sugar coca-cola pepsi back and all kinds of pop soda
5:47 coffee
5:48 meat products milk
5:50 cigarettes alcohol
5:53 each more off
5:54 we're all green leafy vegetables
5:57 fruits
5:58 alkaline water
5:59 and coconut water
6:02 if u really wanna see some fantastic changes in your help in a very short
6:06 period of time drink green smoothies every morning for breakfast
6:10 and nothing else until lunch
6:13 get different green leafy vegetables
6:16 but some tomatoes
6:18 cucumbers purified water and threatened them all in the blender and intricate
6:23 you may think they will be a horrible to drink but it's not actually kinda nice
6:28 once you get to hang out
6:31 finally number three
6:33 mind your body
6:35 stress weakens the immune system
6:38 stress is the number one killer is because for most diseases
6:44 increases acid externally effects everything in the body
6:48 it's very important to maintain a healthy happy mindset
6:52 how do you do that
6:54 medicaid
6:55 what's funny movies avoided the news channels and the horrible things are
6:59 going on in the life
7:01 really inspirational books
7:03 get it pat
7:04 make some friends and invest on the relationship
7:08 let go off old grievances and pass crutches
7:12 and finally
7:14 share this message with as many people as you can
7:18 deep pain and damage caused by cancer and chemotherapy
7:23 beyond anything words can ever explain
7:27 help people wake up from this nightmare a pharmaceutical propaganda
7:33 employed in cancer and healing from make is so simple
7:37 it's almost ridiculous
7:40 think in the right way
7:42 changed the water when the fish is sick
7:46 milking the bowl is not the solution
7:50 go make the world little bit better today

Shafin de Zane