Seeing and Seeing

Mysticism - as the highest yearning of the soul for the Divine Being – is at the root of all religious traditions that originated, or blossomed, in India. Amongst these are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, as well Sufism, and the sages and seers that illuminated the spiritual landscape of India for centuries.

Indian philosophy, even through its encounters with the Western philosophy in the last hundred years or so, has remained closely linked to the mystical spirit and utterances of Indian sages. In fact, in Sanskrit, the word for philosopher is "Seer."

Seeing is at the very heart of the being of man; Charles Darwin himself was greatly intrigued by the evolution of the eye. Humans, however, have many kinds of eyes: the seeing eye, the inner eye, the awakened eye; what one sees through them, and with them, defines the great spectrum of lights we call man.

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Dr. Sehdev Kumar