Light dispels Darkness: Reversing Radicalism

This is a practical example of how the principle that spiritual light instantly removes darkness of ignorance of what religion truly teaches (its core spirituality) is used to reverse radicalism.

Amanda Ripley (Ripley, Amanda, Reverse Radicalism, Time, Vol. 171, No. 12, March 24, 2008) considers the question, “Why do people leave terrorist groups?” She quotes research to the effect that educating “radicals about the gap between their religious ideals and the groups they follow” is helping them to leave radicalism in favor of peace. It is worth noting that the significant conclusion of Ripley’s article is that the realization of the bankruptcy of the radical narrative represents the turning point from radical pursuits. As a result, nearly a dozen countries have begun programs to educate radicals in religious enlightenment.

Why use this principle only on a reactive basis after the fact? Why not use it proactively also to prevent the problem it fixes?