Summer Student Jobs

Student Summer Job Opportunity

The employer, Spiritual Heritage Education Network (SHEN, is looking to fill two student summer jobs. SHEN is a charitable, non-profit, solutions oriented organization dedicated to exploration, research, development, promotion and delivery of formal and informal education in our all-encompassing core spirituality to help integrate and unify the human family sadly fragmented today.

The students and Dr. Shiv Talwar, our president will form a team to develop formal and informal course content generally in the area of science and spiritual wisdom based upon critical reasoning. The students will explore, study and research in his guidance.

About the Job

Job Title: Research and Development Assistant

Hours of work: 35 per week

Duration: 12 consecutive weeks

Pay: $16.00 per hour


Age: Under 30

Education: Graduate or senior under graduate students in science, religion, philosophy, or psychology with aptitude for inter-disciplinary study and research, own laptops and good computer skills.

Job Description

Student tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Study and Research of cosmic origin: both scientific and spiritual,

  • Study relationships between the spiritual and scientific cosmologies,

  • Study and research the behaviour of individual beings: both animate and inanimate

  • Research to uncover meaning hidden in facts,

  • Document study and research undertaken with references,

  • Reflect on the structure and delivery of a meaningful courses on cosmology and beings showing the underlying oneness of existence,

  • Document course outlines and teaching methodologies to highlight meaning, and

  • Develop and document teaching and website material.

Related Information

As humans, we define ourselves by limiting identities of faith, nationality, race, gender and so on. This impacts all our relationships including the one with planet earth. At times, it seems that we have lost sight of the wisdom teachings of our prophets, gurus, sages, seers, philosophers and scientists that can show us how to relate inclusively with all including family, friends, communities, the universe and the planet. Our religions and cultures are founded upon these core wisdom teachings.

Through education we can improve our understanding of the core wisdom teachings while setting aside the narrow limiting ones that infect the world today.

We urge you to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you interested in putting our heads together to develop ideas in education needed for an inclusive future?

Do you want to be part of a high energy inter-disciplinary team exploring educational initiatives to rediscover our human wisdom heritage?

 Do you want to spend this summer thinking and working hard about education that can shift our consciousness to developing a global human identity including the entirety of cosmic existence? 

Please consider applying only if your answers to the above questions are positive and you are a good communicator in English. In addition, you must have been registered as a full-time student in the previous academic year and intend returning to university on a full-time basis in the next academic year. You must also be legally entitled to work in Canada.

How to Apply

Please submit resume and cover letter in a single Word document called Summer2017-your name asap to Dr. Shiv Talwar at The working team will comprise of Shiv and the two students being hired in the summer of 2017. Please apply by May 17, 2017.


The student will work with Shiv Talwar Ph.D., the president of our organization. Shiv will familiarize the student with the vision, goals and objectives of our organization. He will also familiarize the student with the nature of meaning in scientific facts and how to look for it. Shiv will work closely with the students guiding in the assigned tasks and responsibilities. The student will develop and execute an agreed schedule of activities. Shiv will meet with the student on a regular basis when the student will report on activities carried out. Every effort will be made to keep the challenge and motivation level high. Detailed instruction and guidance will be offered as necessary. We will ensure that the work experience promotes the intellectual and spiritual growth of the student as it promotes the goals and objectives of our organization.